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Como (não) planejar um casamento

Tale spin-off from As férias da minha vida .

Angelica is 27 years old and is finally going to marry the love of her life. After dating Marcos for a decade, they decided to put their toothbrushes together. But not everything is perfect. She has no doubts that she will freak out during the organization of the wedding, especially given the high expectations of the family for the event to be grand and unforgettable. So the two lovebirds decide to... run away! They look for a travel agency to carry out the secret wedding. When everything starts to get out of hand, Angelica realizes that none of her to-do lists will be enough. But maybe the best path to happiness doesn't need a script.



To learn more about Angelica, Marcos and the Müller family in Punta Cana, read "The Vacations of My Life". The book, published by Editora Intrínseca. More information:

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