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As Férias da Minha Vida


Cover: Renata Vidal

For a long time, Isis has dreamed of her fifteen-year journey. In her mind, it was all right: she was going to Disney with her best friend, Viviane. When the friend's parents change plans because they want Brenda, Vivi's younger sister, to go with them, frustration is great. Two years later, the dream trip will finally come true. But the celebration of fifteen will be at seventeen. And the trip will have another destination...

Influenced by Cecilia, Vivi and Brenda's hilarious aunt, they set off for the Dominican Republic, a country that Isis doesn't even know how to point out on the map. Despite being the responsible adult for the trio, Cecília lives with her head in the world of the moon and is only concerned with dating apps and the drinks that the Caribbean has to offer. Isis has no idea how her overcontrolling parents agreed to the trip, but since they did, she wants to make the most of it!

A month of sun, beach, volleyball and tranquility... The Dominican Republic was the perfect description of paradise. However, the universe seems to have other plans, which involve surprises, twists and, who knows, even a new love. In As Férias da Minha Vida, Isis will discover that life does not always follow a script. And that this can bring unforgettable experiences.

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"One of the best reading experiences of the year!"

Larissa Siriani

" I'm extremely in love with this book. It holds me in an UNEXPLICABLE way."

Mágila Jamires

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