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Acampamento de Inverno para Músicos (nem tão) Talentosos

“The totally true truth is that I know, like, three songs on the flute: La Cucaracha, Yesterday and Amore Scusami. Apparently, that makes me a pro in my friend Lila's eyes. month in exile with her. By exile you can understand Winter Camp for Talented Musicians. Talented. Hi?

Amanda was dragged by her best friend to spend a month at a Camp for Musicians in Teresópolis, a mountain town in Rio de Janeiro. The camp site is isolated, and even though she thinks about it constantly, Amanda can't escape. It's okay that she loses a little of the desire to run away when she meets Bruno, the Camp monitor who doesn't seem to be so excited about the fact that he has to spend a month locked up in that place either. And since you can't run away, why not make the most of it? Between boys, secrets and lots of music, Amanda discovers that she is more talented than she thinks and that spending a month locked away in an isolated place might not be so bad. Especially when the site has a heated pool, gym, hot water and a beautiful monitor like that.




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