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Um Ano de Comemorações: contos especiais para cada mês do ano

In “Um Ano de Comemorações” the reader walks through the twelve months of the year, living with the characters all the emotions of the commemorative dates of each month. Back to School, Women's Day, April 1st, Mother's Day, Children's Day, Birthdays and Christmas... These are just some of the celebrations that appear in the collection, capable of awakening laughter, tears and the warmth of hope in the heart. An ideal collection to read a story a month or to devour everything at once! Clara Savelli gathered in a collection 12 of her best short stories of the last decade, with works from 2008 to 2018.

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"Clara's writing, I don't even need to comment here - as I've already talked about it - it's a delight to read, light and relaxed. The characters in the stories are great, the stories conquer you quickly and the book ends without you even realizing it "

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"Get ready, because you'll fall in love with the stories and like me, you'll get that little taste of wanting more, haha!"

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