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"Mariana is my best friend since forever. Probably when we were both in our mothers' wombs we already had our own dialect and spent hours talking.

- So the gossip is that Alex is tipped to make a new movie that will be shown in Oceania and he will be a surfer! Can you imagine how many shirtless scenes he's going to do? I'm sick in advance. Of course, at that time, Mariana didn't talk about Alex Rodder's beauty and sensuality. Not only because we were fetuses in formation, but especially because I was only awarded this version of Mariana (the one who only knows about this man, has posters pasted everywhere and about 200 pictures of him on her cell phone) when we were both 14 and we saw him for the first time on television"

The only thing Kate is sure of in life is that she can't stand to hear her best friend Mariana talk about Alex Rodder - a world famous English actor who apparently makes every woman in the world fall at her feet - even from afar.

All but Kate. Not that she doesn't think he's cute. Now, is it possible to find the most handsome man in the world according to all the ugly gossip magazines? Away from her. She just has more important things to worry about. Like having no idea what to do in college. Or with your father, who spends more time outside the house than inside it. Besides her relationship-non-relationship with Caio, Mariana's brother. And with the fact that her insufferable ex-boyfriend and Mari start to get closer. Or with her having been forced by her high school secretary to sign up for the talent show, even though she'd promised herself she'd never play drums again.

In the midst of all this, Mariana comes up with something new: she won a promotion! To meet Alex Rodder! In London! And she wants to take Katerine! As life is always full of many pieces, of course this trip will not be at all as they planned...

WATTYS 2016 WINNER, category




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