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Sir - Um plebeu honrado

Lucas always loved England. That's why I kept asking for a trip there as a gift. However, with his family's financial problems, he only managed to see his dream come true after a lot of work and savings. Finally, he dropped out of economics and headed for London, the city of his dreams, for an entire semester of learning and - or so he hoped - fun. However, one cold morning, as he pedals towards his biannual nozzle, he sees a strangely peculiar scene taking place with a beautiful Englishwoman. Compelled by his deceased, he ends up interrupting the situation and saving the girl. What he had no idea was that, behind that scene, there was a lot more than just a simple kidnapping attempt… And that Jenny wasn't just a simple girl.


Sir ("Sir" in English) is the British honorific title. In medieval times this was the title associated with knights serving the nobility. Sir is a member of the Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire ("Knights Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire").




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