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Síndrome de Salvador

Nicole had the entire school in her hands... Until everything started to fall apart.


She is the new head of the herbalists now that Vicente is off the stage. However, his reign begins to be questioned when Liz, a newcomer, gets her tongue in her teeth and spoils what was supposed to be the perfect plan.

In a conspiracy of life, her father decides to choose that moment right away to tell her that he's getting married again and that, worse, he wants her to be the godmother.

As icing on the cake, your new partner in the biology lab is the biggest pain in the ass in history. Nicole believes that she and James can only have some sort of biological incompatibility, but then why is it that every time she is by her side it feels like she is developing a syndrome?



Síndrome de Salvador is the second book in the "Colégio EA" series. It is preceded by "Reações Químicas", which is complete and you can read it in full here on Sweek. The stories are complementary but can be read out of order.


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