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  Tipo:Série   Gênero: JoveM  

What if a teenager full of her own dilemmas won a contest to meet one of the world's most famous teen idols?

The only thing the teenager Katerine is sure of is that she can't stand to hear her best friend Mariana stooping over Alex Rodder - a world-famous English (but half Brazilian) actor who apparently makes every girl in the world fall to his senses. feet - even from afar.

All but Kate. Not that she doesn't think he's handsome, of course she does. Only she has more important things to worry about. Like not knowing what to do in college. Or with your father, who spends more time outside the house than inside it. Besides his relationship-non-relationship with Caio, Mariana's brother. Or the fact that her insufferable ex-boyfriend and Mari start to get closer. Or having been forced to sign up for the talent show, even though she'd promised she'd never play drums again.

In the midst of all this, Mariana comes up with something new: she won a contest! To meet Alex Rodder! In London! And she wants to take Katerine! But of course this trip will be nothing like expected...

Atualmente o projeto está em desenvolvimento em parceria com a TDC Conteúdo.

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