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  Tipo: Longa-Metragem

Gênero: JoveM/Coming of Age

Julia's life turns upside down when she is forced by her family to take the entrance exam, but all she wants is to work with her micro-company of handcrafted notebooks.

Julia is an eighteen-year-old adult who has a relatively successful craft notebook company, but is unable to dedicate herself to it. That's because her parents, two renowned doctors, are putting a lot of pressure on her to take the entrance exam and don't pay attention to her entrepreneurship.

When his girlfriend (now ex!) decides to leave everything behind to follow his dreams in Japan and his "perfect" best friend starts working as a monitor at the pre-university course her family is making her take, Julia thinks everything is fine. lost... Until she gets the chance of a lifetime when she's invited to produce an exclusive line of notebooks for a chic and highly regarded stationery brand. But the deadline is very short and even ends on the same day she should take the ENEM test.

Amidst the turmoil of emotions that her life has become, Julia will need to muster all her courage to make the decisions that will guide her life, before it's too late.

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