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  Tipo: Longa-Metragem

Gênero: Jovem/Drama

What if a pre-college student studying like crazy to pass college in the middle of a pandemic were hindered by his neighbor, who is the Christmas elf herself?

2020. Murilo is tearing his hair out for not knowing when (or if) he will be able to take his ENEM test in the middle of the pandemic. To make matters worse, he is still worried about his mother's health, who needs to leave the house.

Of course, he's not in the mood for Christmas at all. Just the opposite of her neighbor in the front building, who decorated the entire porch like she was Santa's own messenger.

Luzia is a psychology freshman who lives with her mothers and is trying her hardest to keep hope even in the midst of the chaos they are experiencing. But with one of your moms on the front lines, it's hard to stay positive all the time.

In a very unusual Christmas, Murilo discovers that there is still some chance to embody the Christmas spirit in his heart, even in isolation. During the days of lights on and of confusion in the neighborhood, these young people will realize that among them, there can be much more than just the Christmas lights... Maybe even a great love.

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