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Nietzsche e as cartas

Nietzsche e as cartas.png

The Nietzsche e as cartas are indexes of thought event. In them, in different ways, life expresses itself polysematically. Therefore, philosophy breaks the logocentric forms of self-exposure and celebrates possibilities irreducible to the order of reasons. It is above all a possibility of doing philosophical where the intensity of meaning flows for oneself and for the world speaks louder than the metric of logical narratives. Therefore, the biographical character of the Nietzschean epistolary does not refer only to Mr. Nietzsche, but to another form of life (bios) to write (graphein) the signs and traces of itself. For those who want to immerse themselves in the traces of Nietzsche's philosophical life, it is essential to know and be contaminated by their epistolary. Hence the importance of this book, "Nietzsche e as cartas", which shows Nietzsche's wealth in the kaleidoscope of his correspondence. His letters are now addressed to each of us and challenge us to make living dialogue with Nietzsche a creative way of thinking.

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