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Mundos Paralelos


Mundos Paralelos is a collection of short stories released by Mundo Estranho magazine, which is part of Editora Abril's group. The Mundo Estranho team selected 10 “phenomena authors” from Wattpad Brasil to be part of the collection and each one was responsible for a short story.

The short stories have no relationship to each other, except that they all take place in different worlds, dystopian and fictional. The book is extensively illustrated, with highlighted quotes and an amazing graphic design.

Mundo Estranho magazine is over, but you can still find the book in some distributors and resellers.

Now he's a collector's specimen :)

More about Perfect Problem

Perfect Problem takes place in a dystopian world where by government decree no citizen is allowed to leave their homes. To ensure that this is enforced, the government closed all access to the outside world (doors and windows) and distributed tracking bracelets, which would monitor everyone's whereabouts and ensure that no one broke the rules.

The houses' only contact with the outside world is through a skylight that automatically opens at pre-programmed times of the day for the passage of a drone, loaded with food, medicine and any other type of provision that the house needs and that the government think fair.

Marina is a hacker who works trying to find out what is hiding him. His best friend, Bernardo, is an analytical mind who discovers how to bypass the bracelet's tracking system. The two are part of the Resistance – a group of nonconformists who want to regain control of the situation and are meeting illegally. Therefore, the two are better known as Beauty and Beast.

When the Resistance members don't show up for the meeting on the appointed night, Bernardo and Marina start to panic. An anonymous note says that the group has been exterminated and that everyone is at risk. Including Marina, who is dragged out of her house the next morning by a team of government agents who smashed the wall of her house with a wrecking ball on the grounds that she is "perfect".

What is it to be perfect? Where are they taking her? How will she manage to communicate with Bernardo and ask for help? Whose anonymous note was it? Was the entire Resistance really wiped out? Marina needs to find the answers. Is fast.

Come discover the Perfect Problem!

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