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O Mocinho dos Meus Livros

Marcela just wants love like the ones in the novels she reads. She would accept any kind of cliché: the boy next door, the secret admirer, and even the new boy. In real life, her neighbors were 80 years old, her experience with secret admirers was traumatizing, and her high school classroom never received a new boy worthy of the books. Her romantic life was so boring that all she could do was run away to the books, where girls like her lived unforgettable romances.

However, with the approach of back to school, strange things start to happen. Her neighbors receive an unknown grandson, her friend tells her she has seen a new student enrolling in high school, and mysterious notes start appearing in her mailbox. How is it that someone who has never lived a love story can now live three? And how to choose which is the best option? What to do when life gives you the good guy in its books?

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