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Mocassins e All Stars

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Illustrations: Larissa Jaqueira

“—I like your shoes.
He said that, I swear it. Only that. “I like your shoes” and left! I noticed his shoes while he was still around. They were moccasins. The kind of people who wear moccasins to school shouldn't like my all stars!”

Julie is at a difficult time in her life. After her father's death, she and her mother move across the country – home to her maternal grandmother, whom she never knew. Julie is forced to leave her best friends behind, face unreceptive classmates at her new high school, and live with Arthur, this naughty boy who seems to love making fun of her shoes and who puts her in trouble since her first day of class.
Among mysteries, fights and romance, Julie discovers something about her grandmother that changes the course of everything. She just wanted to finish high school and decide what to do with college, but life couldn't make everything easier for her, could it?

After four issues and five years as a physical book, Mocassins e All Stars stopped printing and now lives on Amazon! Enjoy the book that has won thousands of hearts over the past decade.

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"Maybe it was the best book I've read in a long time. The little cliché that we love, mega well written, that makes you carry the book/kindle around the house for any break you're reading. It's one of those books that leaves a taste I want more because you get attached to the characters, I really want to call them for coffee. Clara Savelli is a national author who deserves all the recognition in life with these amazing works of hers, I'm a super fan!!"

Jeniser Luane Araújo

"Too beautiful!! With each page I fell more and more in love with the story."

Maria Eduarda Maia





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