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A Matemática das Relações Humanas

The year of the entrance exam is definitely one of the most important and decisive in a person's life, and the students of the Desígnio course agree with this in gender, number and grade. Victoria, Júlia, Karen and Anita are committed to making the long-awaited place at the university happen, no matter how difficult and stressful it may be. Amid endless resolutions of Maths and Physics exercises, the characters are affected by the countless uncertainties, feelings and anxieties that arise in this phase so full of possibilities. Wouldn't it be better to take the entrance exam for another course? Another university? Or abandon everything and follow another path?

Organized by Vanessa S. Marine, the stories are narrated in a unique and characteristic way by the most beloved authors on the internet: Aimée Oliveira, Clara Savelli, Bruna Ceotto and Bruna Fontes, who make us face and/or remember our year of entrance exam in an engaging way , deep and fun. Register now and be sure to check out the results of these stories!

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" I'm very passionate about sweet books, those that bring sugar water novels or unexpected friendships that last forever. It makes my heart feel very warm and is a great option to take a break from books with heavy subjects or themes. difficult to deal with. Speaking of difficult, these stories talk about the moment of the entrance exam and how it is applied in our day to day. Have you noticed how difficult it is? To be at the level that relatives or society wants? Well, it's with this serious footprint in very amusing texts, which The A Matemática das Relações Humanas brings its content, so any age can read (must!) and identify with the pages."

Francine Luize Siqueira de Melo Cândido

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