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Gato Preto

Chris is an unlucky girl, allergic to cats and extremely superstitious. It doesn't take a genius to understand that a girl is terrified of black cats. She likes to say that she "has already come with bad luck from the factory", but the truth is that she went crazy by breaking a mirror on her 11th birthday. It wasn't her fault, actually. It was from that bumbling boy… Anyway, it was less than a month to her 18th birthday where she would finally get rid of that extra load of bad luck. She didn't count, however, on the fact that she was going to cross paths with a black cat on Halloween. Worse, did she need to be together with Benjamin - her crush - right on time? When the cat jumps on her, Chris despairs. She, the cat and Ben end up getting tangled up in the middle of the sidewalk. Only when Chris gets up, Ben is gone. Where did the boy go and why did that cat keep looking at her?


Halloween themed tale ALERT. It's a novel, with supernatural hints! The short story will have five parts and will start to be posted on 10/3. Posts are always Monday!

The cover is from @BeeaMoreira6, who accepts orders at a friendly price and does a wonderful job!

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