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Eu estou aqui (Femme Fatale)

Ella always dreamed of joining the Navy and living aboard gigantic ships, despite knowing that her father, a legend of the institution, would do anything to stop her. For him, a ship “is no place for a woman”, but Ella would never let that stop her from chasing her dreams.

When she passes a pre-selection to spend two weeks aboard a ship and has the opportunity to be called up as part of the vessel's permanent crew, Ella can barely contain her happiness. However, being the only woman among your fellow sailors is not easy, and a terrible event makes you understand that reality is much harsher than you imagined.

Maybe your skills aren't enough to make a dream come true, but Ella will fight to the end. Maybe your skills aren't enough to make a dream come true, but Ella will fight to the end and learn that when no one hears you, it's sometimes necessary to join with other voices.
"Eu estou aqui" is inspired by the story of the Little Mermaid and is part of the Femme Fatale anthology, composed of 12 unrelated novels by 12 different authors from Increasy Consultoria Literária, with the proposal of bringing a reinterpretation of princesses and heroines of literature .
ATTENTION: Trigger Alert for Rape, Misogyny, Physical Assault, Murder, Abuse. If you are sensitive to any of these themes, prefer to read another short story from the Femme Fatale series.

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"I don't know what to say, I'm impacted by the reading, it's wonderful, it left me to tears at various times. Just read this book, you won't regret it!"

Gaby Ometto

"Clara Savelli managed to poignantly portray a drama that affects all women: the culture of rape and sexism, in a story once known for having a voiceless protagonist. I loved the author's vision for this adaptation. Perfect ending. "

Larissa Rumiantzeff

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