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Elfa Natalina: Uma História de Natal

Natalia is the Christmas elf herself. Passionate about Christmas, she just wants to spread the magic of this time of year through the quiet town where she lives. However, everything starts to get out of control. For starters, your mother and sister have stopped talking and are boycotting Christmas at home. Besides, every time she tries to do something for Christmas, some misfortune happens (biscuits for the elderly with diabetes? Child screaming that Santa Claus doesn't exist in the queue for a photo with the good old man? Tree that falls and creates a fuss in the prezinho fraternization? In a way it all ended up being her fault). Desperate to be able to rescue the Christmas spirit in herself and in the inhabitants, Natalia is focused on decorating the fountain, symbol of her city, with the best Christmas decoration possible. However, someone is doing everything to stop and destroy the decoration on a daily basis. Will Natalia be able to beat the Grinch that lives in the city, overcome family quarrels and, preferably, still manage to make the crush notice her? Look, just with a Christmas miracle. Glad she believes in them.

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"Delicious reading, typical of Clara Savelli! I loved every second of the book/tale."

Livia Canavezes

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