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What is the project?

In difficult times as we are living, it is more than necessary to try to do good. As this is already a constant guideline of the Christmas season, this year we implemented a Christmas donation campaign, aiming to support NGOs and other non-profit institutions that work with literature. It is also very true that culture has helped us to keep our sanity to a minimum during the pandemic and that books are capable of changing lives.

We can all help, either by donating items that Organizations/Institutions need, or by donating money through the Vakinha created for the project . The amount collected by Vakinha will be divided and distributed equally among all Organizations and Institutions partnering in the campaign after the end of the campaign (scheduled for 12/31) and availability of the money through the platform.

Partner institutions

4Paws collection

Area of expertise: Salvador, Campinas, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Maringá, São Luís and Garibaldi

How it works: Receives donations of books to the collection and sells these books, reversing the money to the animal cause. Shipments are made throughout Brazil, by post, but those responsible for the project are in the cities above.

What to donate? Books new or in good repair.

Where to find out more? On Instagram @Acervo4Patas

How to donate? Get in touch by DM on Instagram and ask for the address of the city closest to yours, within the area of expertise, to deliver the books. Books can also be sent by post, as long as photos and information about the status of the books are sent beforehand. If you want to donate some money, you can access our project cow . But remember: all the money collected by Vakinha will be distributed equally among partner Organizations and Institutions.

AfroTribe NGO

Area of expertise: Metropolitan Region of Rio de Janeiro

How it works: The NGO opens and manages Reading and Knowledge Rooms. They are sociocultural spaces that provide access to books and films, carry out works in the arts and culture area (such as workshops, dance groups, theater and choral singing) and also provide teaching and learning via tutoring and preparatory courses. The work is collaborative and its priority audience is the population that has little or no access to reading and culture.

What to donate? Books, clothes, utensils, shelves, tables, decorative objects or even disused appliances.

Where to find out more? Contact Paula Cruz, one of those responsible for the project. Contact: (21)965432169 or

How to donate? Donations can be delivered directly to the reading rooms or sent by mail to their addresses, which are listed below:

1) Ruth de Souza Reading Room (Venda da Cruz - São Gonçalo)

At the top of UMEI Margaria Maria Garcia de Araujo, in the 3rd BI residential complex (Rua Doutor Porciuncula, 395. Venda da Cruz. São Gonçalo/RJ. CEP: 24411-006)
2) Conceição Evaristo Reading Room (Boaçu - São Gonçalo)

At CM Gen. Castello Branco (Rua Carlos Gianelli, s/n. Boaçu. São Gonçalo/RJ. CEP: 24465-000)

3) João Pedro Reading Room (Island of Itaoca - São Gonçalo)

At EEM Salgado Filho (Rua Luiz Ferreira, s/n. Itaoca. São Gonçalo/RJ. CEP: 24471-350)

4) Fael Abreu Sustainable Reading Room (Barro Vermelho - São Gonçalo)

Rua Lúcio Tomé Feteira, 148 - Barro Vermelho. São Gonçalo/RJ. CEP: 24415-165

If you want to donate some money, you can access our project cow . But remember: all the money collected by Vakinha will be distributed equally among partner Organizations and Institutions.

Spring Social Institute

Area of expertise: São Paulo/SP

How it works: ISP - Instituto Social Primavera is an NGO created by residents of the Jardim Primavera neighborhood and the southernmost region of São Paulo, to develop social actions and projects in different areas, culture, health, art, work and education. Among the Projects we have Community Health, Doe Primavera (food and clothing donation), Mãe Feliz (which serves peripheral mothers and offers a princess day), Cat Favela (aimed at the unemployed), Pre-Entrance Exam Course and the Community Library showing in the transformation of young people, children and adults through reading.

What to donate? Books, bookcase, chairs, pencils, pens, notebooks, shelves, bookmarks, returnable bags.

Where to find out more? Facebook and Instagram

How to donate? Instituto Social Primavera Community Library Project 🌻: Avenida Matias Beck, 121 - Jardim Primavera CEP 04812-180 - São Paulo - SP 📞 (11) 2640-6400 -📱 (11) 94401-1330. Contact: Elaine Candido - Cel. (11) 99178-8246 Email:

campanha doacoes de  natal.PNG

Quebrada Biennial

Area of expertise: Various locations in the country

How it works: The Bienal focuses on democratizing access to reading, literature and knowledge in the country's suburbs and favelas. In just over a year of existence, we have already managed to collect more than 10,000 books and donate more than 6,000 books in various parts of the country, we even continued to donate during the pandemic period in partnership with Organizations to fight Covid, in the suburbs and favelas .

What to donate? Books

Where to find out more? Instagram and Twitter

How to donate? Get in touch through social networks. Then, a volunteer will be located nearby to get in touch and seek the donation where the donor feels more comfortable. It is also possible to make financial donations, either through Beinfeitoria or PicPay .

Vamos fazer o bem para quem faz o bem!

Contamos com você para que essa campanha seja um sucesso e para que possamos impactar positivamente a vida de muitas pessoas por meio da leitura!

Got any questions or do you want to make a suggestion?

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