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Chinelo e Salto Alto

Rafael and Barbara have not seen each other for over five years - since they ended their relationship in a disastrous way. Since then, they harbor grudges against each other, for the hurts of the past. They became unknowns and two complete opposites. They would have been willing to bet that they would never see each other again, but they ended up meeting again, accidentally, in the elevator of the building they lived in. New neighbors, none of them knew they were at risk. It's the first time they've met in five years and right in a place as claustrophobic as an elevator... That's when, due to a sudden drop in light, the elevator stops... For long hours. Like it or not, Rafael and Barbara start talking about their past, putting their history on the clean plate and discovering if, after all, there is still any feeling left. Was it possible that people so changed by grief could still believe in that teenage love? ~~~~~~~~~~

This project brings together two universes: Moccasins and All Stars and Winter Camp for (Not So) Talented Musicians. Rafael is the older brother of Eduardo, the good guy from Acampamento and Barbara is the villain of Moccasins and All Stars. Universes intersect, but books are not sequential. That is, they can be read in any order.




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