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25 de Dezembro - Sonho de uma noite de verão


"Who loves the sun?

Who cares that it makes plants grow?

Who cares what it does?

Since you broke my heart..."

Who loves the sun - Velvet Underground


"One last chance to reverse this curse,

You stole my heart but I had it first.

And now I see you've got something to prove,

And nothing to lose, just let me tell you the truth."

Reverse this curse - Escape The Fate

"This ain't nothing but a summer jam

Bronze skin and cinnamon dance whoa!

This ain't nothing but a summer jam We're gonna party as much as we can" Summer Jam - The Underdog Project


Miguel and Giovanna have their reasons for spending Christmas away from home. However, Miguel's motive is, let's say, a little darker. Giovanna and Miguel engage in a summer romance, but the consequences are far more intense than they expected. Especially for Miguel, who didn't know that getting involved with Giovanna could be his undoing. Or your salvation.


Hi guys, this is a short story of mine written in 2010! I'm reviewing and posting it as a Christmas gift! I hope you enjoy the love of these two!

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